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Dragino's mission is to help customers to release innovation products in the shortest way. We are achieving this goal by following ways:

Open Software: 

The OS running in Dragino mother board is OpenWrt. It is a linux distribution for embedded devices. OpenWrt is widely used and is proven to be a stable system. It is fully open source and developers are easy to find documents / support in the Internet. We provide a customized OpenWrt version for Dragino mother board and the source code is completely open too. 

Open Hardware:

The Dragino is based on open hardware design so developers are free to modify / design for different applications.  

Modular Design:

Dragino mother boards are in production and CE/FCC certificated. The hardware is tested to be robust. When developers want to make new products etc for home automation/ Internet of Things. What they normal need is to design modules for these applications. Compare with designing the whole system. Designing modules save much of time and risk. This help shorten the development period. 

Commercial Products: 

Important note that the Dragino itself is not limited on a development board, it is a production product built for commercial deployment and ready for the market. We provide professional OEM/ODM service to help customers to release products in professional way. So customers can focus on the business part. 

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